How do I get a permit to tap into the sewer?

The land owner must come to the District office located at 8100 State Route 708 South.  The District office is approximately one mile from SR 33.

Simply provide our office with:
  •  The name of the previous owner (if applicable)
  •  The address, lot and/or parcel identification number (Logan County Tax ID number for the property).  This information is normally available on your property deed, tax bill or through the Logan County Auditor’s office or their website at
  • Proper Identification

Also, you are required to have your permit for sanitary sewer prior to applying to the Logan County Building Authority when building a new structure.  For more information you may wish to visit their site at

How do I find where my tap is for sewer connection?

THE MOST IMPORTATION THING TO DO IS TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE SANITARY SEWER BEFORE PURCHASING OR ATTEMPTING TO DEVELOP A PROPERTY. Do not assume that because other properties in the area are connected that sanitary sewer is available to your property also.  IT MAY NOT BE. We ask that you please come to our office with your property information and we will verify that sanitary sewer is available.

Once it is established that sanitary sewer is available to the property you may apply for a tap-in permit.  We will locate where your tap is on the main line sewer or where connection is possible on the mainline. We always mark sanitary sewer lines in GREEN paint or flags according to Ohio Utilities Protection Service (O.U.P.S.) Codes. 

Why does my billing amount run the same amount each month?

We bill a flat rate for the month for residential units.  This is an approved method by the Ohio EPA.   Payments are due by the 18th of each month for the previous month’s usage.  Basically, we bill you after you use it. We have no vacation rate as this is a resort area.  The billing is for the year and broken down into 12 monthly payments.

Who is the governing authority over
the Water Pollution Control District?

The Logan County Commissioners are the governing authority over the Logan County Water Pollution Control.   We are considered a “Special Sanitary Sewer District” under the Ohio Revised Code 6117 and are not under the auspices of the P.U.C.O. (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio). We are then governed by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, specifically the Southwest District Office out of Dayton, Ohio.

What is the cost of a sanitary sewer permit?

Well, it depends.

         For most of our customers the cost of a permit for new construction is $510 which includes the cost of an isolation valve.   This valve and locator cap is provided to either the homeowner or the contractor, whichever is appropriate.  Regardless,


For those who are developing multi-unit housing the cost can vary.  Always check with the District office prior to any construction project.
PLEASE NOTE:  Occasionally there are aggregate connection or assessment charges associated with a particular property.  Please check with our office if these apply to the property you are considering purchasing.

Can you automatically take my monthly payment
 from my checking/savings account?

            YES!  We can automatically draft your payment each month so you never    need to worry about missing a payment again!  Ask for the paperwork to sign up for “Auto-Draft”.

Please Note: When you provide a check as payment to our office, you authorize us either to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction.  An electronic fund transfer is much like presenting your check at a local store (such as Wal-Mart) and they electronically deduct the check amount from your bank account.  For further inquiries, please call (937) 843-3328.

Last revised:   February 2015